In the Philippines and Indonesia, Plan led innovative projects using participatory video. I served the role of 'technical advisor':

Philippines: Salcedo Pockmarked Face of Cagaut

In the Cagaut Barangay (Salcedo municipality in Eastern Samar), children were successful in mobilizing their community leaders to engage in tree planting and challenge the malpractices of the chromite mining industry which was increasing disaster risks during the occurrence of heavy rains. In response to the children's call for action, the local barangay council agreed to put out an ordinance prohibiting mining excavation near the river's vicinity as well as stipulating that mining companies must cover up underutilized mining pits and engage in reforestation of extraction areas.

Indonesia: Water for my Village

Short film made by children's group from Rembang in the north of Java island, Indonesia. Forces of Nature (FON) in partnership with Plan UK trained a number of children's groups in the production of participatory videos that highlight the role children can play in disaster risk reduction. A few years ago Rembang was a fertile area with a plentiful source of fresh water and fertile crop fields. Now, logging and stone extraction have left the area prone to landslides in the rainy season and drought in the dry season. Water can only be pumped from the well from midnight to dawn. To redress the issue, a Plan supported children's group have planted 5,000 trees which they hope will bring water back to their village.