Nepal - PV & Disaster Risk Reduction through Schools (DRRS)

  • Participatory Action Research / Practice
  • Children in a Changing Climate; ActionAid Nepal; Institute of Development Studies (2008-2009)
  • Role: Lead Researcher; PV Facilitator
Nepal.jpgUsing Participatory Video to amplify children's voices on adaptation. Children and women from Nepal produced plays about climate change impacts and adaptation solutions. The project showed that PV can be an appropriate and viable tool to support children and women in their efforts to adapt to climate change. It can help demystify climate change as an incomprehensible scientific subject by linking it to the day-to-day challenges children and women face. When they can analyze their own situations, they learn and internalise the impacts and solutions. Mobilisation for adaptation support becomes their right and a cornerstone for advocacy, which they can address through filmmaking.

Kenya & Mozambique - Adaptation Learning Programme for Africa (ALP)

  • Practice
  • CARE International; CARE Kenya; ALP (2010-2012)
  • Role: PV Design; PV Facilitator (Train-the-Trainer model of CARE staff; local journalists)
In 2011-2012, CARE worked with local journalists and women, elder men and young men in Kenya, Niger, Ghana and Mozambique to share their stories about how climate change impacts them, and how they are coping. These digital photo stories are being used for community awareness-raising about climate change impacts; to understand and monitor change through the ALP programme over time; and for advocacy. They are integral to CARE's process of working with communities in setting priorities, and developing and monitoring adaptation strategies. I trained CARE staff and journalists in Kenya and Mozambique, and have supported a guide that will be published in 2014.

Vietnam - Building Child-Centred Disaster Resilient Communities

  • Practice
  • Plan Vietnam (2010)
  • Role: PV Design; PV Facilitator (Train-the-Trainer model of Plan staff; local filmmakers)
Participatory Video was used within this project to:
- Increase reflection and dialogue between children and other community members (children, ethnic minorities and the wider community) about how climate change and natural disasters are affecting them and how they might address these issues both internally and with external support.
- To build capacity and empower the children to learn, voice their opinions and effect change.
- To increase dialogue between children, community members and [[#|local]] authorities regarding their role in reducing risks and how to move forwards.
- To provide education on engaging/new forms of documentation of the issues being discussed by the [[#|local]] groups in relation to climate related risks and hazards. This documentation can be used at different levels to stimulate reflection by a number of child rights actors and climate change and disaster risk management actors on the linkages to advocacy and awareness raising.
- To explore forms of communication from the community level upwards on the issue of climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction.
- To document elaboration of the process (beyond the making of the video) and to share with related Governmental and non-Governmental agencies.

Cambodia - Climate Change Adaptation & Child Rights

  • Research & Practice
  • Plan Cambodia; Institute of Development Studies (2010)
  • Role: PV Design; PV Co-facilitator (Train-the-Facilitator model of Plan staff)
'Investigating a Child’s Right to Adaptation' was a year-long project coordinated by the Institute of Development Studies, conducted in collaboration with Plan International in Cambodia and Kenya. The PV component was initiated within the project to investigate the potential role of PV as a research and/or advocacy tool for working with children on climate change and DRR in Cambodia. The project aimed to provide explore with Plan staff ways of enabling children to develop their own messages and stories on their lives, their ideas for adaptation and their DRR/CCA activities, alongside a research process exploring how children are claiming their rights on issues relating to climate-resilience building.

Indonesia & Philippines - DRR & CC

  • Research & Practice
  • Plan Indonesia; Plan Philippines; Friends of Nature; Plan International
  • Role: PV Technical Advisor (Skype-based role in overall process)
  • See also: Plan International Video: Our Climate, Our Future - PV in Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines
  • 'Our Climate, Our Future' is a project in which children are using film to examine the impact of climate change on their communities. Backed by Plan, young people from Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines learned how to map the risks facing their communities and make their own films to highlight these issues and bring about change.