• Can participatory video enable transformative change? Perhaps. How do you understand 'raising citizen voice? ' A presentation for Queensland's Communication for Development Network members: Reflections on the talk

Video talks:

  • September 2014: PhD research presentation on voice and participatory video at Orecom 'Voice and Matter' conference in Sweden via Skype: http://bambuser.com/v/4938865 - Go to 1:09:30. (20 minutes)

Articles on My Research:

Traditional video projects for CARE

In addition to participatory media work, I have been involved in the production of traditional videos with CARE as writer, producer, filmmaker, editor, etc. Click here to see people around the world using their capacity and agency to address global poverty.

Participatory video projects that explain & inspire

The number of participatory video projects in development is growing, which lends itself to both positive and potentially harmful practice. PV is a hybrid of process, method and product. As such, great care needs to be taken during every step to ensure the videos truly benefit the people who make them. In my journey using PV, I have met researchers and practitioners who have educated and inspired my approach to participatory video. It is a small list now, but that is only a reflection of limited time rather than the host of meaningful uses of participatory video practiced today.