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Thuan Village

A Ngo Village

Day3_1.JPGParticipatory Video (PV) developed by ethnic minority children from Vietnam. The children from Thuan village show their daily lives and speak about their experience of typhoon Ketsana and how it affected their communities and lives. The children also come up with solutions for community awareness raising and advocacy messages to reduce the risks in future disasters. Participatory videos give a voice to traditionally excluded people who are often the most affected by disasters. These marginalised groups are rarely included in decision making processes which determine the policies and programmes that directly impact their lives. PV is an innovative methodology in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) because it not only showcases grassroots' concerns and needs, but it also supports beneficiaries' own efforts to address their issues locally. This participatory approach allows children to develop their own video while media experts provide initial training and on-going support as required by the children.

Plan Vietnam made the following video about their continued use of PV: